When choosing wedding videography services, it’s important you have a clear understanding of the various options available. The team here at Video Gems is committed to offering high caliber wedding videos that help memorialize your special day in high clarity and capture the importance of the occasion.

We’re highlighting the types of wedding videos available to you in the GTA though our trusted videography team.

Documentary Style

Documentary style videos will include a narrative structure and sound bites that naturally occur during the wedding. The videographer will adopt a fly on the wall approach to the occasion and help the viewer feel as if they’re a part of the happy day for the couple. The entire footage is edited to include special moments such as messages from the guests, sound bites of the lively moments to help tell the story of the day and provide a personal connection to the viewer.

Movie Style

The movie style of videography is used when a more tightly controlled structure is required. As one of the most popular wedding video types available in the GTA, movie videography enables those on camera to engage more with the camera person. Part of the process is controlled with a plan for shooting the video. Settings can be staged and the audience can experience the event as entertaining footage.

A Hybrid

One of the great benefits of working with a specialist such as Video Gems is that we can also adopt a hybrid style that allows the couple to control each element of the videography process. This aesthetic balance can be achieved by combining the two styles throughout the day, where possible.  For example, we can make notes of what moments the client prefers documentary-style and where they would prefer a movie-style approach for other moments

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Our team has many decades of experience creating custom approaches to exceptional videography. We specialize in getting to know the couple and creating a video that suits their unique tastes and preferences. We help to create that one of a kind video production that reflects the goals of the couple for their special day. Call Video Gems at (416) 917-1170 to discuss the types of wedding video available in the GTA for your wedding day.