With the help of a great Toronto wedding videographer, you can make a wedding video that you’ll want to watch over and over throughout your life.  Every wedding is special, but with a little creativity, you and your videographer can make a video that’s extra-special – a unique and entertaining document of your love.

There’s no shortage of ways to make a great wedding video.  Here are a few of our favorite ideas for making it more interesting and unique!

1 – Incorporate videos from throughout your relationship

Chances are, you’ve got plenty of photos and videos you’ve taken during your time dating your partner.  These make for great material to add to your wedding video!  They create context and more of a sense of a story being told.  You get the first meeting, the romance, AND the wedding!  It’s like your own romcom.

2 – Take a time-lapse video of the wedding preparation

Time lapse is a technique you’ve undoubtedly seen, where a camera takes a single frame every minute or so, over the course of multiple days.  The result is a sped-up depiction of a long process.  Talk to your Toronto wedding videographer about setting up a camera to capture your wedding prep, and you’ll have a great new scene for your wedding video.

3 – Shoot in documentary style

Why only have a single video of the wedding itself?  If your videographer has a couple days and access to all the major figures at your wedding, they can shoot “talking head” interviews.  These can be cut into your wedding video, to give it more of a documentary feel.  Plus, it helps you remember the contributions from your friends and family!

4 – Choose a personalized soundtrack

Have you ever dreamed of being DJ at your own wedding? Although you won’t be able to spin records while you’re walking down the aisle, you can do the next best thing: make certain that your wedding video has all of your favorite hits on it by filling out a request list for our editors. That way all of your favorite tracks make it onto the soundtrack during the editing process.

5 – Put a drone on it!

Don’t forget about drone photography!  Now just about anyone can have sweeping, epic aerial shots of their wedding, thanks to how easily you can attach a small camera to a drone.  These can make any wedding look amazing.

Video Gems is a top Toronto wedding videographer, and we make excellent videos out of any wedding.  Contact us to talk about the video you want!