Our trusted team at Video Gems has years of experience in the wedding videography marketplace, and in this latest post, we’ll explain more on our wedding video packages in the GTA. By learning more about the packages available and taking the time to review all your options, couples can select the ideal video packages for their special day. It’s important to find the right package for your needs. Our team at Video Gems recognizes the exceptional value in the customization process and so we’re now offering several distinct packages to help make your special day a treasured memory. Each of the following packages was designed to provide you with a starting point for your wedding day video selection process.


The Ruby package includes a 1-camera view of the wedding with half a day of coverage to ensure the important moments such as the exchanging of vows, the reveal of the bride walking down the aisle, the reception, the first kiss and the first dance are captured in high definition. The camera operator will also capture speeches and other event activities. They will also offer a highlight reel which is edited and 5-to-15 minutes long.


The Emerald package features a full day of content. This will ensure all elements of the day are captured effectively. Included in this content is a feature-length film of the event, which will be professionally edited for a 45-minute-to-1-hour long production. You will also get a 5min preview of your special day.


The Sapphire package offers couples a 2-person team for their special wedding day. This package also includes full-day coverage as well as a same-day edit that will ensure the professionally produced video is available to be viewed that evening. Also included in the Sapphire package is a feature-length film of the event that includes interviews, speeches, and other activities.


The 3-camera team within the Diamond package will offer immaculate coverage of your wedding day. They will include Steadicam operator to provide a cinematic feel and offer a same-day edit for immediate coverage access. The Diamond package also includes a feature-length film of the event and full day coverage so that all activities can be captured and remembered forever.

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Each of these packages can be customized according to your unique needs and preferences. We can also offer a completely customized service that includes elements of each of our packages. We understand the importance of your wedding video and we’re here to respond with the ideal service at the ideal price-point for your budget.

Our team at Video Gems has been offering specialized videography services for over 20 years. Let our videographers, editors, and cinematographers help build your ideal wedding video packages for your GTA event. Learn more about your full range of options now by contacting us directly at (416) 917-1170 or visit our online form to request a free consultation.