Your wedding day should be a once-in-a-lifetime event to share with your friends and family. Our Mississauga videography team at Video Gems have put together some wedding day tips you should keep in mind to help your day go as smoothly as possible.

  • No Photos During the Ceremony

This is a critical consideration unless you’ve planned and hired a professional photography company. Make sure that your friends and family know that there’s to be no photography during the ceremony. The clicking of the camera and the flash could otherwise interrupt the wedding and be distracting.

  • Delegate Responsibilities

Most of your friends and family will be happy to help in some way. Make sure you’re not taking on extra work during your wedding by delegating responsibilities. For example, ask a friend to stay at the entrance to guide guests to the ceremony and reception areas.

You might also ask friends and family to take part in the cleanup work. It’s your special day, don’t be afraid to ask loved ones for a little extra help.

  • Consider A Photo Booth

Another consideration is the type of photos you wish to have taken at the event. A photo booth can be a great option to allow guests to take their own photos and to be a little creative when creating images. Photo booth photos can be a nice addition to your professional photography.

  • Organize A Receiving Line for your Wedding

The day will feel rushed. Many couples regret not having a chance to speak with everyone at their event. To help ensure you speak to everyone at your venue, organize a receiving line. Consider how many people will be at the event and whether a receiving line makes sense given the venue and the time it will take to speak to each person.

  • Book Video Interviews for Small Weddings

Another great way to ensure that everyone can send along their message of congratulations is to have an event host conduct video interviews with guests. Your Mississauga wedding videography team can take control of this process. They’ll ensure that guests speak clearly and that all lighting work is professional for the ideal take-home keepsake.

Video Gems is here to help you create magical memories.

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