If your wedding is coming up, you’re probably in the process of planning engagement and wedding photos for the event. Our Toronto wedding videography team has experience shooting memorable local events, and today we’re highlighting the poses you might use to create compelling wedding photos.


The profile pose is a great way to stage the picture so that you and your partner are almost kissing. The photo style shows you both staring into each other’s eyes. This style of shot is also a great option for those that are nervous about shooting their video or photos.

You can simply focus on your loved one and not the camera. It can help to create memorable, natural content.


Walking action-style shots are the perfect choice for those planning an outdoor photo or video shoot. You can spend the time enjoying the local nature while your photographer snaps a few candid shots of the two of you.

This style of shot allows you to play with different angles and share jokes with your loved one as your cameraperson takes on the work.


Usually featuring both of you facing the same direction, the embrace-style of wedding photography allows you to share an intimate moment and a hug. He can wrap his arms around you as the sun shines from above and you share a smile.

Or you can have a playful moment with your arms wrapped around him. Remember to change the style of embrace continually to capture that perfect moment in time.


The reflective pose is usually an unplanned moment. You might be sitting together on a picnic blanket waiting for the shoot to start. Or you might be at a pause in your conversation while you’re both looking in different directions.

The reflective moments captured on film are those in between the poses. They’re the candid shots that often become favourites of our Toronto wedding videography clients.


Lastly, we come to the traditional pose for wedding shots. This is the pose you’ve most likely seen before in which the couple stands with heads together, side-by-side facing the camera. This is a more serious pose and can create photos that are ideal for sharing with the older generations in your family.

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