A wedding is one of the most important and sacred events we will ever experience. Families and people put so much thought and time into planning the perfect day. So, when hiring wedding videography in Toronto, it’s important to properly communicate all important information as the date gets closer.

To help, our team at Video Gems has prepared a checklist of things you should discuss with your wedding videographer before your wedding in Toronto.

Five Things to Tell Your Wedding Videographer

  • Info About Your Vendors

Your videography company will need to communicate and coordinate with you other vendors like your photographer, the venue, décor company, the band or DJ, and more. Be sure to supply your video team with a list of all of the vendors, and be sure to include phone numbers, emails, and the best contact person for each.

  • Wedding Day Schedule

Always provide your wedding videography team a wedding day schedule. Include the start times and locations for all important things like ceremony info, reception, etc. Not doing so can cause confusion and potential delays.

  • Point Man/Woman

As we all know there is a lot that goes into a wedding, so when filming a video, there are many pieces and things that also go into the perfect shoot. Always have someone who is friends with the bride and groom be there to help gather people for shoots, and more. Just make certain that this point person isn’t involved too much with the wedding unless they may not be available at all times (i.e. maid of honor, best man, etc.).

  • Playlist & Important Songs

While you may not have an exact list of every song and order that it will be played, if there are any important songs you have, always let your videographer know. By doing so, they can speak to the DJ about when these songs may come up and also allows them to get a head start for securing the rights for these songs.

  • Photo Face Sheet

Since there will most likely be a lot of people at your Toronto wedding, make sure you provide a photo face sheet with brief info about who they are and how they are related to the bride and groom. This will ensure they will show up in your video and are accurately represented.

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